No Win No Fee Flight Delay Compensation Claims

Our services are 100% no win no fee, meaning there’s no financial risk to you, even if your claim is unsuccessful.

We call this our no-win no-fee no-risk guarantee.

Updated on December 13th, 2018


In addition, our legal team is regulated and authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). So you have added peace of mind when using our services to recover your flight delay compensation.

What is No Win No Fee?

No-win no-fee means that when you claim flight delay compensation with you won’t have to pay anything up front and if we can’t successfully recover your compensation – you won’t have to pay at all!

we only get paid when you get paid, so we’re committed to making sure we win every claim possible against the airlines.

To put it another way – we only get paid when you get paid, so we’re committed to making sure we win every claim possible against the airlines.

What our clients say

“Stressless. It was very easy to do. Just fill out a few forms and the work is done for you really. Just sit back and wait. They kept in touch all the time as well.”
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There are never any hidden costs or surprise legal bills as our fee is covered by the compensation payments and you will always keep the majority of your compensation.

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What Will I Have To Pay When My Claim Is Successful?

Our services are 100% no win no fee, meaning there’s no financial risk to you, even if your claim is unsuccessful. We only get paid if you do.

Our pricing is displayed as a flat fee, so you can see from the outset how much will be deducted from your compensation to cover our costs, if your claim is successful.

If your case requires us to issue court proceedings on your behalf, there will be an increase in administrative fees to cover some of the extra work involved in doing this. All relevant costs associated with your claim are clearly stated in your T&Cs.

If we can’t recover your compensation, you pay nothing, meaning no financial risk to you whatsoever, even if your case goes to court.

Find out more about our fees.

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What Are The Costs To Me If I Don’t Win The Claim?

On the rare occasion we are unsuccessful in recovering your compensation, no matter how many hours we’ve spent working on your case, you won’t have anything at all to pay.

Our no-win no-fee no-risk service means that you will not have to pay a penny in legal costs to us or the other side if we can’t win your claim.

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The costs are deducted from your compensation and we then send you the rest by bank transfer or cheque, so you never need to worry about having a hefty legal bill to pay at the end of your case.

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What Is The Cost Of Claiming Flight Compensation Myself?

There are a number of possible costs to consider if you pursue a flight claim yourself against an airline.

  • Issue fees
  • Hearing fees
  • Time spent dealing with the claim
  • Legal costs if claim goes to court
  • Travel to court if representing yourself

Airlines do have a legitimate defence to avoid paying out on delay claims – the difficulty for people trying to claim themselves is knowing if the airline has a genuine defence in their particular case.

So it might mean that you have to issue court proceedings, as we have to do, and then there would be some upfront costs for you to pay.

Issuing court proceedings against the airline through the Money Claim Online Service (MCOL), requires payment of an issue fee (typically £75) and possibly a hearing fee (around £105).

As well as the financial cost involved in claiming flight compensation yourself, you also need to consider the time that it takes. You will need to write letters, follow legal processes, understand the legalities of EU Regulation 261/2004, possibly prepare court proceedings, and attend court.

If you end up at court you would need to factor in travel to the court and taking time off work to attend the hearing.

We’ve heard that some people have spent around 20 hours in total over the course of several months in order to properly handle your own flight compensation claim.

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What Costs Do Pay To Process My Claim?

The no-win no-fee service means that there is absolutely no financial risk to you when submitting your flight delay claim through us.

To maximise the likelihood of success, and at no extra cost to you, will pay for:

  • Drafting and sending a formal legal letter to the airline
  • An expert report to combat ‘technical defect’ arguments if required (up to £750)
  • An expert report to combat ‘weather’ arguments if required
  • Drafting of court proceedings if required
  • Court fees if required (average £150)
  • A specialist flight delay lawyer to represent you in court (if required)

We will then try and recover these additional costs from the airline when we win the claim.

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Are There Any Hidden Costs?

We have made the costs very clear and transparent, so you can be reassured there are no hidden fees at all.

Our legal team is regulated and authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, so this should give you even more confidence about the quality of our service and transparency of our costs.

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How Long Will It Take After Winning My Claim To Receive The Money?

We usually allow 42 days from when the airline has agreed to settle the claim until we receive payment from them, but this can vary depending on the airline.

None of the airlines are very quick at paying once they’ve agreed to settle so you’ll need to be patient.

If the airline still does not pay compensation at this stage our legal team will begin enforcement proceedings on your behalf.

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How Will I Receive My Compensation?

Our service is set up and designed to be 100% electronic to save time and paper. On this basis we prefer to pay you by bank transfer – as this is also the quickest way for you to receive your money.

Therefore, we request bank details of everyone involved in your claim and pay your compensation directly into each account. You will have an option to be paid by cheque if you prefer.

How Will Others On My Claim Receive Their Compensation?

When the airline has agreed to settle your claim we will request bank details by email to each person involved in the claim, so we can pay them directly.

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