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Updated on December 13th, 2018


What information do I need for a flight delay compensation claim?

All you need to check if you have a valid flight delay compensation claimis your flight number and date of travel. You can put this information in to our flight delay checker and we’ll let you know if your claim is eligible for compensation.

If you don’t know your flight number then you will need the date of travel, arrival and departure locations, and the airline. Use our flight lookup tool to find your flight using that information and we’ll check your eligibility instantly.

To submit your claim with us then you’ll need to add in some basic passenger and contact details.

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Can I still claim without my flight number?

You can claim flight delay compensation without a flight number by using our flight lookup tool which searches through the millions of flights on our database.

You’ll need your date of travel, arrival and departure airports, and the airline you travelled with and our automated system will trace the flight for you.

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What our clients say

“If they tell you should be compensated, they will get your compensation. They did what they promised from beginning to end; great service.”


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Can I claim without my booking reference?

You don’t need a booking reference number to claim flight delay compensation. More documentation and evidence makes the claim process easier but it’s not crucial to a successful claim.

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Can I claim if I have no proof of being on the flight?

You can claim without having proof of being on the flight as the airline will have a record of you travelling with them.

The more information and evidence you have the better, but it’s not vital for making a claim with us.

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How do you accurately predict if I have a claim?

Our databases contain millions of bits of flight data and information designed to provide an instant response on whether your flight is eligible for flight delay compensation.

We compile data from a range of sources to make it as accurate as possible and to factor in all eligibility criteria for EU Regulation 261 claims.

Data checks include:

  • Flight times
  • Flight distance
  • Arrival and departure locations
  • Weather conditions
  • Checks for jurisdiction
  • Checks against previous cases
  • News events/airport activity for extraordinary circumstances.

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Get An Instant Decision On Your Flight

Our flight compensation checker is the most accurate on the web. It checks the following instantly.

  • The length of your delay
  • The cause of your delay
  • Legal validity of claim
  • How much you could claim

Check Your Flight

How accurate is your data?

The accuracy of our data is vital in being able to offer you our no-win no-fee service as we end up with all the costs if we lose, so we need to be sure your claim is valid.

This is evident in our fantastic track record of winning cases in court against airlines, and by the vast number of delighted customers!

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Our Simple Three Steps Claim Process

Check your flight with our free, industry leading calculator.

Our legal team go to work and negotiate with the airline for you.

Your claim is settled and the compensation is paid to you.

Is your flight delay data available elsewhere online?

The data we’ve compiled is not held in any one place online and is a result of great investment to bring it all together and keep it updated.

You can do various searches to find out your flight distance or the official arrival time for example, but you wouldn’t know if there were extraordinary circumstances, or how much you were entitled to claim.

To save you significant time, our flight compensation checker combines all of the relevant information in an easy to use calculator for an instant answer on whether or not you have a claim.

158,000claims settled
£54m compensation recovered
93%success rate in court
100%No win no fee

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Your flight compensation calculator told me that you don’t have jurisdiction. What does this mean?

Jurisdiction is the geographical area within which we are legally authorised to take claims to court. If the airline isn’t based in England, or the flight was not departing from England or arriving into England then we might not be able to issue court proceedings in the English Courts.

In this instance, it does not mean you aren’t entitled to claim, it just means we can’t do it for you.

We’ve settled claims for people all over the world, so you don’t need to live in England or Wales to use our service.

We have jurisdiction and can process your claim as long as the flight meets one of the following criteria:

  • Departed from England or Wales
  • Arrived in England or Wales
  • On an English or Welsh airline

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How will you keep my details secure?

All your personal data is kept very secure and we would never sell your data to anyone else. We are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, so we have minimum security and data standards to meet.

However, we place more importance on your information than that and have invested heavily in security and have the highest standards of data protection throughout our physical and digital premises.

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What happens after I submit my claim to you?

As soon as you submit your claim through our website (or over the phone) we will begin working on the claim by carrying out the relevant checks before writing to the airline requesting your compensation.

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We usually give the airlines 30 days to respond before issuing court proceedings – unless there are specific circumstances that might mean the airline needs longer to investigate.

Due to our excellent track record with airlines they know we are serious and as a result we often get agreements to settle within this time period.

However, in many cases we need to issue court proceedings and if the airline decides to defend the claim, then we would end up going to court on your behalf.

There is nothing to pay up front and no financial risk as we work on a no-win no-fee basis.

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What do I have to do during the claim process?

Once you’ve submitted the flight and passenger details to us then you’ve done the hardest part! We will take up your claim with the airline and go all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary to recover your compensation.

We will keep you updated with the process by email so all you’ll need to do is keep an eye on the email updates.

When we settle and need to pay you, we’ll send you a secure request for bank details to transfer your money, or we can send you a cheque if you prefer.

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How long will the claim take to complete?

Flight delay claims typically take a few months from start to finish – depending on actions and defence taken by the airline.

In extreme cases we’ve settled in a few days, and on the other end we’ve had claims running for years going all the way through the entire court hierarchy as both sides appeal decisions.

If an airline admits liability straight away, then we can usually get compensation into your bank account in less than two months.

Regardless of how long it takes us and how much work we have to do to recover your compensation, you will never have to pay any extra and it’s all on a no-win no-fee basis.

We only get paid if you get paid so it’s in our interest as well as yours to settle the claims as quickly as possible!

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How many people will I need to speak to about my claim?

Most of the time you won’t have to speak to anyone during the claims process if you don’t want to. The entire claim can be handled electronically with updates by email.

On a minority of cases we may need to call you for further information. If you want to speak to us at any time, then you can do by calling us. Please have your reference number to hand so we can find your claim in our database more easily.

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How will I be updated about the progress of my claims?

We send updates by email to make the process quicker and easier to follow. You will receive an email update each time your case progresses to the next stage and whenever there has been a significant development in your case.

You can also subscribe to our newsletter mailing list and keep up to date with what’s happening in the world of flight delay claims that might affect your case.

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How often will I get updates on my claim?

We will update you by email when there is a change to the progress of your claim.

Sometimes it can be several weeks between updates due to the legal system and the actions of the airline so be patient – we’re working to get your compensation as quickly as possible!

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Will you or the airline let me know when compensation has been agreed?

We will send you an email update when the airline agrees to settle your claim. This email will explain what happens next and how long it is likely to take to receive the money from the airline.

What Are Extraordinary Circumstances? Find Our Your Rights Under EU Reg 261

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Will I have to complete any paperwork for the claim?

We’ve created an electronic only claim system for handling flight delay claims, so you won’t have any paperwork to complete.

Terms and conditions are signed electronically, we will update you by email, and we can even pay by electronic bank transfer – so it’s completely paperless.

This makes the process quicker – and more environmentally friendly!

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Will I have to visit your offices at any point?

You won’t need to come to our offices if you use our flight delay claims service. The entire process can be done online and by email, so it doesn’t matter where you live, we can still handle your claim remotely.

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Will I have to go to court during the claim process?

We’ve handled well over a hundred thousand flight delay claims and so far, no passenger has ever had to appear in court for their claim. Some have attended out of interest, but it is highly unlikely you will ever be required to appear.

We will represent you in court if the case gets that far and there is no extra charges for us to do this – even if we have to go to the Supreme Court.
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Do I have to let the airline know that you are handling my claim?

You don’t need to let the airline know that you have used our services. We will contact them on your behalf to let them know you’ve instructed us.

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If you’ve already sent a letter to the airline before using our service and they try to contact you back, just let us know and we’ll speak to them as they will have to correspond with us directly once we’re instructed by you.

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Can you take over a case from my current representation?

If you have instructed a different law firm to handle your claim then it is not an easy process to take the claim over and it depends on the contract you have signed.

However, if you are not happy with the way your current law firm are handling your case then we might be able to help – give our team a call on 01625 415910 to discuss the situation.

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I’ve been dealing directly with the airline – can you take over the case?

Many people try to start dealing with the airline directly but don’t get a response or they aren’t happy with the response they receive.

You might be told that the claim isn’t valid, and you want a second opinion.

We can take on your claim for you even if you’ve written to the airline directly and had a response from them. Simply put your flight details into our flight claim checker and submit for us to pick up your case.

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I’ve been dealing with the CAA – can you take over the case?

If you have written to the CAA for help on your claim but you aren’t happy with their response, we can take over the claim for you.

The CAA have no power for force an airline to pay out, so even if they say you have a valid claim, you might need to issue court proceedings to recover your compensation.

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What should I do if I change my mind about the claim?

We are proud of our track record and customer satisfaction for flight delay claims and don’t want to see anybody unhappy with the way the case is progressing.

If you have a genuine concern about your case, then please contact the flight delay team on 01625 415910 to discuss the matter and we’ll do everything possible to put things right.

If you still want to cancel your claim, then you will need to put that in writing and give the reasons why you have changed your mind. We will then close the claim down.

If we have issued court proceedings on your case and you wish to cancel you may be liable for any court fees and fixed costs we have paid on your behalf.

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Will I be charged anything if I change my mind?

There is no charge for our legal work when cancelling your claim but of course you will lose our expert support and legal power to recover your compensation.

If the airline has paid you directly instead of sending the money to us, then you are still responsible for our fees as per the terms and conditions.

If we have issued court proceedings on your case and you wish to cancel you may be liable for any court fees and fixed costs we have paid on your behalf.

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Who can I speak to if I don’t understand something?

We like to think we’ve created a simple claims process around a complicated area of law and that everything we send to you is easy to understand.

However, if this isn’t the case for any reason, we want to know so we can address the information in question and improve the way we communicate with other customers.

Please call us on 01625 415910 and we can provide additional explanations on any aspect of the claim.

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Is a solicitors or a claims management company? is a specialist flight delay claims company set up by an award-winning firm of solicitors who introduced the area of flight delay law into the UK.

Claims management companies cannot issue court proceedings on your behalf as we can do. We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, so you can rest assured you will receive a quality and reliable service.