Existing Claims - Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of the most frequently asked questions from passengers who have a claim already logged with us.

Please take a look below, but feel free to contact us if you can't find the answer you were looking for.

Updated on December 13th, 2018


Can I add additional people to my claim?

You can add in additional people on your claim at the time of submitting through the website. If you want to add people in after this, then you will need to let us know by email or phone.

We will only pay passengers individually and you need to have permission from the other people you are claiming on behalf of.

What should I do if I want an update?

We send updates by email each time the case progresses to the next stage. Sometimes it can take several weeks between updates so please be patient.

If you do want an update on your case and haven’t had an email from us in a while, then call in on 01625 415910 with your reference number and we’ll let you know what is happening.

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Why is it taking so long to settle my claim?

Airlines have the option to defend every flight delay claim if they want to – this is their legal right.

This means that in many cases the amount of time it takes to settle your claim is depending on the actions of the airline and how cooperative they are.

We will issue court proceedings as soon as possible after giving the airline reasonable time to respond to our initial letter of claim.

This is to try and make the whole process run more quickly – remember, we don’t get paid unless you get paid so it’s in our interest to settle claims speedily!

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What our clients say

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Why haven’t I been paid but other people on my flight have?

As airlines can defend each claim individually there are times when passengers on the same flight, who sent us claims at the same time, can be paid at different times.

We’ve won cases on a flight where the airline then decides to defend in court on other passenger claims for that flight.

We pay passengers individually as well, so if you haven’t sent us your bank account details and other people in your party have done, then they may be paid before you.

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How is the airline progressing with my claim?

When we take on your claim we write to the airline requesting your compensation and give them 30 days to respond. Sometimes they need slightly longer depending on the circumstances of the delay.

After this point we will usually issue court proceedings and the airline then has to respond or it will lose the case by default.

The airline will either agree to pay the claim or defend the case in court. Either way we will let you know by our email updates what action we are taking.

The airlines can take a while after agreeing to pay to actually sending us your compensation. We will chase them up if they are taking too long.

If the case goes through the court system, it can take months to recover the money if we win the claim.

Almost every case is slightly different in the time it takes to settle so rest assured we are doing all we can to make the airlines agree to pay in as little time as possible.

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Have court proceedings for my claim been issued?

We don’t always issue court proceedings on flight delay claims if we don’t need to.

It might be that we’ve already won a claim for your flight and therefore the airline will normally pay us quite quickly, so we don’t need to issue proceedings.

We would issue court proceedings if the airline refuses to pay out and we believe we have a good chance of winning in court.

We will also issue proceedings if your claim is nearing the six-year limitation period as this will stop the clock on the time limits and give us more time to recover the money for you.

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Why is the airline contesting the claim when you told me I it was valid?

Our flight delay calculator gives an instant response on whether we believe you have a valid claim for compensation based on the data we hold about that flight.

The airline may believe they have a valid defence of extraordinary circumstances or they may have some additional information about the delay that was not otherwise available.

We can’t stop airlines challenging compensation payments as it is their legal right to do so, but we’re pretty confident when we believe we have a winning case.

If we later find the airline does have a valid defence, we will let you know by email update.

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Why was I told that because our case had gone to litigation it would take longer?

When we issue court proceedings that means the case is ‘litigated’ and enters the court system.

There are set rules and time periods for each side to work within at this point and this can extend the time it takes to recover your compensation.

Also, if we end up having to go to court and the airline continues defending the claim, this can take much longer to settle.

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Why do you state an hourly rate in the terms and conditions?

We work on a no-win no-fee basis and only ever charge a maximum of 25% (Plus VAT) of your compensation and a £25 admin fee that is deducted from your compensation when the airline pays it to us.

The terms and conditions are a legal document that contain many clauses and notes that we have to add in by law. Even though we state an hourly rate, we will always handle your flight delay claim based on the agreed fee of 25% (Plus VAT) and £25 admin charge.

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What should I do to cancel my claim?

If you want to cancel your claim then you should first call the flight delay team on 01625 415910 to discuss the matter with them.

They’ll be able to listen to your concerns and reasons for wanting to cancel and should be able to help at this stage.

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