Whether you’re dreaming of quitting your office job to go on a backpacking adventure, or just want advice on how to go on as many low-cost holidays as possible throughout the year, there’s inspiration for everyone from our ‘10 best budget travel bloggers’.

**Budget travel tip: If you’ve been flight delayed by three hours or more in the last six years, you could claim up to £510 to cover the cost of your next adventure.**

Kash Bhattacharya – Budget Traveller


The focus of my blog has always been to show people how to travel in style on a budget.


Experiencing over 40 cities in the last six years has taught Kash a thing or two about travelling in style. He’s a big believer in the idea that low cost travel doesn’t have to mean ‘roughing it’, and posts practical travel tips to help people like him who want spend less and see more.

Kash’s ‘Cheap Eats and Drinks’ section is particularly useful; for each destination he lists the best value restaurants, cafes or stalls, with recommended dishes and how much they cost. He also reviews luxury hostels, provides moneysaving tips (like where to find the best free concerts) and focuses on some of the lesser-known European festivals.

Another great thing about Budget Traveller is that Kash invites other budget travel bloggers to write guest posts, so you can read advice from a variety of different perspectives from all over the world, all in one place.

You can download Kash’s free e-book ‘Luxury Hostels of Europe’ from the Budget Traveller homepage, and catch up with him on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Dani – Globetrotter Girls


My mission is to inspire curiosity about the world and provide the tips and tools to help you see as much of the world as you can for yourself.


Dani’s ‘On a Shoestring’ posts, featuring the best free (or very cheap) things to see and do all over the world are a great starting place for the aspiring budget traveller. Her articles go into great detail about how she’s managed to travel the world since 2010, and provide good advice for how travellers can get the most out of each destination without breaking the bank – including tips on how to land house-sitting jobs in various countries.

Globetrotter Girls also devotes a section to the LGBT community including; insightful posts about how gay travellers are treated across the globe; LGBT friendly destinations; the best countries to retire for same-sex couples and the changing face of gay travel.

Dani’s a real foodie, and anyone who loves experiencing the world through their taste buds will enjoy her articles describing her culinary adventures. Her ‘For Foodie Travellers’ section is great for learning about local specialities and where to find them, featuring mouth-watering photography of dishes from various destinations, from Taiwan to Abu Dhabi.

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Johnny – One Step 4ward


If you’re not happy, a good salary isn’t progress, it’s financial prison. Life is meant to be lived, not sold to the highest bidder.


Since leaving Ireland in 2006 Johnny has worked, volunteered and backpacked around more than 100 countries – all while running his digital media company and blog from his laptop. As well as writing informative (and often very funny) accounts of his adventures, Johnny provides detailed and practical advice on how we can all earn money and follow our travel dreams at the same time.

Why should you take his advice? Because Johnny made $1million in just three years from travel blogging. A self-proclaimed ‘digital nomad’, Johnny is an inspiration for anyone who dreads going back to work on a Monday morning and fantasises about travelling the world instead.

Although Johnny is by no means living on a shoestring these days, he did start out on his adventures without receiving financial help from anyone else and went from being a ‘broke’ English teacher to owning properties in London and Bangkok, all while travelling the globe.

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Janice Waugh – Solo Traveler


Solo travel is an experience like none other. It allows you to enjoy a destination on your own terms – without the distractions or schedule of others.


Solo Traveler isn’t just a blog; it’s an online community where people who travel the world by themselves can share tips, and exchange stories and resources. Janice Waugh’s love of travel combined with personal loss and ‘an empty nest’ inspired her to see the world solo, and create the online community for likeminded travellers.

Janice’s posts on travelling solo on a budget are practical and well-written; going into great detail about how anyone can save money while they travel, but also specific information for people who go it alone.

As well has her blog, Janice is the author of ‘The Solo Traveler’s Handbook’ which aspiring lone wolves can buy on Amazon.

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Yaya and Lloyd – Hand Luggage Only


What we really wanted was to connect with other travellers across the globe and have a two way conversation about travel

Yaya and Lloyd

The list of destinations on Hand Luggage Only is one of the most extensive out there; Yaya and Lloyd have covered a lot of ground between them. Most of the posts come in the form of tips and recommendations too, so they’re a great resource for people who want to know about the best things to see and do in a particular place.

Hand Luggage Only focuses on efficient travel; both Yaya and Lloyd live in London, but they manage to travel on a regular basis by making the most of short weekend breaks, cheap flights and the Eurostar. They’re as passionate about photography as they are about travel, so they also post great tips on how you can make the most of photo opportunities when you’re away.

If this post has inspired you to get packing and see what the world has to offer, Yaya and Lloyd also have a handy tool on their site that helps you to plan your next journey, showing all the various methods of travel, how long they take and how much they cost.

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James and Susan – The Savvy Backpacker


I noticed something when I was researching my first European backpacking trip. I saw that most backpacking sites offered very little well-researched content — most information was just fluff.


The Savvy Backpacker is run by American married couple James and Susan, who started the blog to help travellers learn how to plan backpacking trips around Europe. Unlike many other travel blogs, James and Susan focus more heavily on practical information on how to get around Europe, rather than the destinations themselves.

James and Susan create comprehensive guides to budget travel that cover just about anything you can think of; from ‘How to choose the right rail pass for your travel style’ to ‘How to avoid pickpockets and outsmart thieves in Europe’.

Apart from the fact that they’ve done all the research to make travelling easier for other people, one of the best things about the Savvy Backpacker is how user friendly the site is. Posts are separated into clear, logical sections that make you feel as though you’re halfway to organising your trip already, just by reading them.

Stay savvy with James and Susan (and their Maltipoo dog Henry) on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Neil – Backpacks and Bunkbeds


I now hold a steady job in London but am determined to show the world that having a job doesn’t mean you cannot travel.


Not quite ready to quit your job to go travelling? Neither is Neil from Backpacks and Bunkbeds, but that hasn’t stopped him visiting 42 countries in the last ten years.

Neil’s blog is full of practical advice on how to get away at least four times a year through backpacking, hostels, volunteering, road trips and weekend breaks – all while holding down a 9-5 job.

Select a place you’re interested in from Neil’s long list of destinations to see hostel reviews, things to see and do, maps, directions and money saving tips; including how to budget in expensive cities.

You can also watch the entertaining and informative vlogs that Neil’s created, featuring videos about seeing Paris by Segway, travelling from London to Venice by Train and budget snowboarding in Bulgaria.

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Aileen Adalid – I Am Aileen


At 21, I quit my corporate job in the Philippines to travel the world. Today, I am a digital nomad and entrepreneur living a sustainable travel lifestyle!


In her blog, Aileen goes into depth about how she saved up to go travelling and provides tips on how you can do it too. She writes about how breaking free from her office job and running her business remotely while she travels has changed her life for the better.

Aileen focuses on the idea of ‘sustainability’; how travellers can earn enough money to support themselves and their lifestyle while travelling, without having to return home to save up more money. She provides a number of other resources and tips on how to do this, and gives advice on everything from visa applications to how you can become a travel blogger yourself.

Even if you’re not planning on shutting up shop to become a nomad yourself any time soon, Aileen’s destination guides are pretty fantastic as a resource. She goes into a lot of detail about each place she’s visited and published her posts in digestible lists, illustrating them with her own beautiful photography.

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Ed Rex – RexyEdventures


I was so scared to travel on my own that I put it off for eight years. Now I absolutely wish I could have gone as it is so easy to travel as a deaf person.


Ed Rex lives in London but has been a self-proclaimed professional traveller since 2011. His blog RexyEdventures is all about enjoying luxury backpacking on a budget. Ed provides tips, advice and survival guides for people who love luxury travel, but don’t want to part with vast sums of money to do it.

When Ed wakes up every morning he’s completely deaf; it’s only when he uses his hearing aid and cochlear implant that he’s able to hear. Because of this Ed dedicates a section of his blog to ‘Deaf travel’ talking about his experiences travelling with hearing problems with posts like ‘When my hearing went down the toilet in Vietnam’ and ‘How deaf-friendly is Schiphol Airport?’.

Because Ed is based in the UK but still manages to see so much of the world in a short space of time, his blog – which is as funny as it is informative – is particularly useful for people who want make the most out of globetrotting, without leaving their day-to-day life behind.

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Vicky – Vicky Flip Flop Travels


I believe that with a bit of prioritising you can explore the world while holding down a full-time job, and without breaking the bank. I hope to inspire you to do the same!


Vicky loves going to festivals in the UK and abroad, and has a whole section of her blog dedicated to them. There you can find festival reviews, lists of the best festivals in each country and tips for how to make the most of your festival experience.

Although she likes travelling with friends, Vicky does a lot of travelling solo and refuses to ‘let being a female be an obstacle or issue’ if she has to go it alone. Because she’s a pro at enjoying the world without spending a fortune, Vicky’s guides on travel and how to eat and drink well while you do it are really useful, particularly for lone travellers.

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