10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Manchester

‘And on the sixth day, God created Manchester’.
Everyone knows that Manchester is a Northern Powerhouse. It boasts great musical history, is arguably one of the football capitals of the world, and everyone knows how to make a really decent brew. Here are some lesser-known facts….

Unsung Destinations in Europe, Part 4: Cork, Ireland

Welcome to our final choice of ‘unsung’ European destinations, Cork in Ireland, following from Ghent, Turin and Riga. Cork in southern Ireland is a place where pride, reputation and independence precede. Ireland’s so-called ‘second city’, ‘The People’s Republic’, and to proud locals, ‘the real city of Ireland’, is fiercely competitive with its rival, capital Dublin.

Photography Part 6 – Travel Bloggers

Travel bloggers are becoming more and more prominent in the world of travel photography, almost by the day it seems. Already established as a trusted go-to source for travel inspiration, tips and destination diaries, travel bloggers are often perceived to be more ‘real’ or ‘relatable’ than hugely established travel sites. Luminaries within the world of globe trotting, readers want their advice for a bespoke itinerary, or a recount of a stay in a particular hotel. We spoke to three travel bloggers on how they take the best photographs to document their escapades…

Photography Part 5 – These Tips Will Make You a Better Portrait Photographer

When globe-trotting, it’s often the thought of gaining an insight into community values and traditions that is most enticing, even to the most well-trodden traveller. Portrait photography is a great move into this cultural awakening, with many valuable lessons. But while rewarding, there is lots to consider; is it intrusive to take photos of people around their homes without permission? Do ‘posed’ photographs lack authenticity? We’ve collaborated with photographers well-versed in this photography style; here are their excellent tips.

Unsung Destinations in Europe, Part 3: Riga, Latvia

The third installment of our ‘unsung’ European destinations campaign, following Ghent and Turin, is Riga. A capital city on the rise, Riga in Latvia is the largest of the three Baltic State capitals. The country is a relatively new member of the European Union, having joined in 2004, and adopting the Euro in January 2014. Now, Riga is the liveliest and most civilised historic centre of the Baltic States, and there are plenty of activities and sights for guests to wile away their days. 

Photography Part 4 – These Tips Will Make You a Better Landscape Photographer

You may already have seen photographers’ tips on Cityscape, Adventure and Urban photography – this week we focus on landscapes. To set the scene: ‘CLICK’ – you press the button to capture the moment forever… and disappointment ensues. How did the wonder of the landscape not translate onto the photograph? We’ve interviewed expert travel photographers to help anybody turn their hobby into something more professional.

Unsung Destinations in Europe, Part 2: Turin, Italy

Last week we presented you with our first pick of ‘unsung’ European destinations: Ghent.

Turin, a key player in the Unification of Italy in 1861, is in the north of the country and was the first capital of Italy. Today, it is the capital of Piedmont and an amalgam of urban life and natural beauty. Turin’s wealth of history is not to be reckoned with: under Augustus’ reign, the Romans left an indelible print on the city when they drew the traditional Roman grid plan of streets that decided the city’s layout.

Photography Part 3 – These Tips Will Make You a Better Urban Photographer

Following the first and second segments in our photography series, we present the third, discussing ‘urban’ photography. This genre is often a byword for street art scenes, however the style cannot be confined to just this. Snapshots of seemingly mundane life moments can speak a thousand words, turning humanity and the hustle and bustle of cities into candid, authentic moments of everyday life. We discussed this with photographers who are fascinated with this medium of art.

Unsung Destinations in Europe, Part 1: Ghent, Belgium

The city of Ghent, Belgium, is a fascinating hybrid in a time of flux. While being the largest university city in the whole of Flanders with a flourishing art scene to boot, you only have to turn a corner to be met with centuries-old, UNESCO-inscribed buildings – indeed, serene Ghent is often coined ‘the historic heart of Flanders’, ‘a city of all times’ and ‘Medieval Manhattan’.

Photography Part 2 – These Tips Will Make You a Better Adventure Photographer

Following the first installment of our travel photography series, this segment discusses all things adventure. Whether ‘adventure’ photography to you is capturing white water rafting and bungee jumping, or more sedentary (but still thrilling!) activities like safaris, that exact moment can vanish within the blink of an eye. So how can you prepare? Here are tips from photographers that are familiar with this predicament.

Photography Part 1 – These Tips Will Make You a Better Cityscape Photographer

Cities are a wonder to explore. Stumbling across a quirky shopfront, interesting architecture or cultural goings-on are all charming facets of city photography. But a problem in this kind of photography often arises – how do you take images that aren’t carbon copies of thousands before? Think Times Square, Las Ramblas and Champs-Élysées and you will know what we mean! Below are tips from photographers on how to achieve a more nuanced ‘take’ on cities.

Our Pick of the Best Airport Hotels in the World

The prospect of having to stay in an airport hotel often doesn’t exactly elicit exclamations of joy. But sometimes it is unavoidable – whether it is to minimise jet lag, have international business meetings, or for reasons outside of your own control, i.e. a flight delay or cancellation. Whatever your circumstance, flightcompensation.com can help you.

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Travel Lovers

The keenly-awaited John Lewis advert has been released, lights are twinkling brightly above town centres, and surely Love Actually will be aired in the not-so-distant future; all these are signs that herald the inescapable commencement of the Christmas season. Like it or loathe it, keen partaker or begrudging bystander, we have assembled a comprehensive gift guide for the travel lover.

10 of the strangest flight delays

Many of us have experienced the heart-sinking disappointment of the airport tannoy announcing our flight is delayed. More often than not the cause of the hold-up is fairly run of the mill; caused by bad weather or cabin crew illness. But sometimes planes and their passengers are kept waiting for far more elaborate reasons.

Duty Free: What Will Really Save You Money

Everyone loves a good browse in the duty free shops while waiting to board a flight; however we have looked into the items that will give you some big savings and those that won’t even save you a penny.

Best Budget Travel Bloggers To Follow

Whether you’re dreaming of quitting your office job to go on a backpacking adventure, or just want advice on how to go on as many low-cost holidays as possible throughout the year, there’s inspiration for everyone from our ‘10 best budget travel bloggers’.

10 Airport Stereotypes: Who To Look Out For

Although we all love to travel, the journey to our final destination can take its toll on our stress levels. We have selected some of the most common airport folks and how much they may or may not raise your stress levels.

Seat SOS: How To Guarantee A Comfy Journey

Do you dread getting on the plane to find you are in the worst seat ever; right next to the toilets, directly under a TV screen, or in the very last row? Well read our Seat SOS guide to ensure you have the best seat in the house…well plane!

Snacks On A Plane: The Healthy Selection

It’s hard to resist the temptation of splurging out on sweets and chocolate when you arrive at the shops at the airport, especially when you have little ones that you know will need some snacks on the flight. So instead, treat yourself and the kids to some healthy but delicious snacks, that are fun to make at home and won’t break the bank.

7 Packing Tips and a Downloadable Packing Check List

We’re created a few packing tips and a free printable packing check-list to make sure you don’t overpack or underpack! ‘Will I need my hair dryer?’, ‘Should I bring 10 pairs of shoes?’, ‘Is five pairs of shorts a bit excessive?’. We’ve all been there so follow our tips to ensure you don’t have any problems!

8 Tips for Planning a Group Holiday

Whether it’s a girl’s group holiday or a lad’s holiday, the thought of planning a group holiday altogether can be a daunting task. Hopefully you’ll always have one member in the group who likes to be the organised one and does it all for you so you don’t have to worry about a thing. But what happens when no one wants to be the organiser and you might have to take control? We’ll take you through a plan to help you overcome the fear of planning a group holiday.

How to Plan the Perfect Holiday

The summer is approaching and the longer you wait to plan the perfect holiday, the harder it will be. According to a study, British holidaymakers spend an average of 30 hours preparing for a holiday abroad, the equivalent of four working days! Planning a holiday can be an exciting time to some, but a stressful time for others. We’ve created a list of tips to help take the stress out of planning a holiday and make it enjoyable!

Best Family Travel Bloggers To Follow

Travelling on holiday with children can be challenging at times, especially when you constantly hear “Are we nearly there yet?” but with our top family travel bloggers, this can be made easy. Whether you’re looking for tips on a family adventure, luxury holidays, city breaks or all-inclusive resorts, we have all the information you’ll need.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

The festive season is upon us and what better way to get in the mood than to visit some of Europe’s best Christmas markets. Stroll around the cute Christmas stalls, and enjoy the Glühwein and Bratwurst Sausages. Large or small, here are 10 of Europe’s best.

Desmond’s Top Ski Resorts in Europe

Whilst many are mourning the loss of summer, many of us are excited for the ski season to begin! If you’re looking for the best skiing destinations to visit this winter then look no further. Desmond has compiled a list in the table below of his favourite ski destinations across Europe.

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