Tui Compensation For Flight Delays And Compensation

If your Tui (formerly Thomson Airways) flight is delayed or cancelled, under EU Regulation 261/2004 you could be entitled to up to 600 Euros in compensation for every passenger.

Updated on December 13th, 2018


We’ve recovered over £58m for passengers who’ve been delayed and are entitled to flight compensation. Over £13m has been claimed from TUI/ Thomson, sometimes for passengers who’s claim was rejected by the airline.

You can find out if you are due compensation by entering your flight details into our claims calculator. We’ll be able to tell you instantly if you’re entitled to compensation.

What is EU Regulation 261?

EU Regulation 261/2004 is the law relating to flight compensation. The purpose of the law is to help enforce the rights of passengers who are subject to cancellations, delays, or are denied boarding.

It was introduced to help compensation passengers for the loss of time and inconvenience suffered when you experience a flight delay or cancellation.

Our Simple Three Steps Claim Process

Check your flight with our free, industry leading calculator.

Our legal team go to work and negotiate with the airline for you.

Your claim is settled and the compensation is paid to you.

You can claim compensation for any flight that was cancelled or delayed for 3 hours or more over the last 6 years unless the reason for that delay or cancellation was an extraordinary circumstance.

Tui Flights Covered By EU Reg 261

Departing FromArriving ToCan I Claim?
Airport inside EUAirport inside EUYes (Claimable for any airline)
Airport inside EUAirport outside EUYes (Claimable for any airline)
Airport outside EUAirport inside EUYes (If on an EU based airline)
Airport outside EUAirport outside EUNo

What our clients say

“I cannot identify a single way that Flight Compensation could improve their refund application process. I congratulate them for developing a painless comprehensive refund process for their clients.”


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How Much Compensation I Am Entitled To If My Tui Flight Is Delayed Or Cancelled?

How much you’re entitled to depends on the circumstances around the delay or cancellation. You must have been delayed by three hours or more to be entitled to compensation.

The amount you can claim is fixed and depends on the distance of your flight, not on the length of your delay.

Tui Fight Delay Compensation Amounts

Flight DistanceLength Of DelayCompensation Amount
Up to 1,500km3 hours or more€250
1,500km-3,500km3 hours or more€400
Over 3,500km3 hours or more & between 2 EU Member States€400
Over 3,500km3-4 hours€300
Over 3,500km4 hours €600

How To Make A Claim Against TUI

There are three easy steps to claiming against TUI with

1. Put your Tui flight number and date in our calculator.
2. Submit your claim to us to pursue with Tui.
3. Leave us to deal with the claim and send you the money.

We work on a no-win-no-fee basis, so you have nothing to lose.

I Tried To Claim Directly With TUI and Got Rejected

If you tried to make a claim from Tui for your delayed or cancelled flight but you were told that you aren’t entitled to compensation, you should double check that this is the case by using our flight delay compensation calculator.

Sometimes airlines might tell you that you are not entitled to compensation when you are.

Every year we take thousands of claims from customers who have been told they are not entitled to compensation when they are, even when passengers have been to court and lost.

Because of our reputation in these matters, airlines quite often agree to pay compensation due to the customer quickly and without a fuss.

Backed by the UK’s biggest law firm for flight compensation, we’ve successfully handled over 158,000 cases recovering over £54m.

With the leading success rates in the industry, we’re experts in negotiating with the airlines, handling all negotiation and communication on your behalf.

Claiming Yourself

Claiming directly can be time consuming and stressful. Airlines may choose to ignore your claims or say you don’t have a eligible claim when you do.

Save time and money over issuing against airlines yourself and choose us to handle the claim on your behalf.

We work on a no-win-no-fee basis. There are not upfront charges, so you won’t pay anything to us until your claim is successful.

If you don’t win, you won’t have to pay us anything at all, even if we’ve had to go to court.

I Accepted Vouchers On the day, can I claim compensation from Tui?

If your flight was delayed or cancelled, or if you were denied boarding, the airline may have offered you compensation on the day in the form of air miles or vouchers.

Get An Instant Decision On Your Flight

Our flight compensation checker is the most accurate on the web. It checks the following instantly.

  • The length of your delay
  • The cause of your delay
  • Legal validity of claim
  • How much you could claim

Check Your Flight

If you have accepted these, it will make it extremely difficult to claim compensation at a later date.

Under the terms of EU Regulation 261/2004, airlines are required to pay compensation to customers of delayed or cancelled flights “in cash, by bank transfer, bank orders or bank cheques or, with the signed agreement of the passenger, in travel vouchers and/or other services.”

So if you’ve accepted these vouchers, you have effectively accepted your compensation already.

It might be best to refuse vouchers and tell your airline that you’re going to make a claim for monetary compensation instead. This way you have time to make sure you’re getting everything you’re entitled to for your delayed or cancelled flight.

Tui Airlines Information

Tui Airlines used to be known as Thomson. Tui airlines carries 10 million passengers per year and is the third biggest airline in the UK.

Founded in 1972, Tui airlines fly to 95 destinations, 20 of which are in the UK. They fly a fleet of 60 planes across Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, Central America and the Caribbean.

In 2015, they were awarded the accolade of Most Punctual UK Airline, but last year Tui airlines came 35th out of 40 analysed airlines for punctuality. Though their average delay was just 17.5 minutes, 6.6% of their flights were late by over an hour.

Customer services:

If you wish to contact Tui customer services, you can find information on how you do that on their contact us page. TUI have a 24/7 holiday line in case you need them whilst you’re away (0203 451 2699).

TUI Flight delay claims:

Tui have a designated email address for anyone wishing to make a claim of compensation due to a cancelled or delayed flight.

Cancellations policy:

If you need to cancel your holiday with Tui, how you do that depends on how you booked your holiday. If you booked in a travel shop, you’ll need to contact the shop you booked with. If you booked through the contact centre, you’ll need to call 0203 451 2688.

You can also cancel your booking through the Tui Manage My Booking service. Your travel insurance may reimburse you for any money lost through cancelling your Tui holiday, but this depends on the circumstances around the cancellation.

Lost baggage:

If you lose your baggage on your Tui flight, you can find information on how to contact the airline regarding this on their contact us page.