Desmond Dodo - The Back Story

Desmond vowed from this moment on to tell everyone about and make sure air passengers knew their travel rights.


Desmond is a dodo. He thought until recently he was the only dodo left on the planet.

Desmond left the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean a long time ago to pursue his dream of traveling the world.

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Now back to Desmond’s story……

He loved England so much he decided to settle here and found a job working as a travel writer. For a very long time Desmond thought he was the only dodo left – scientists actually thought dodos were completely extinct and he wanted to keep a low profile in order to avoid lots of media attention.

Then he began to get lonely. Desmond longed for a partner to share the golden years of his life with. He knew lots of other birds and had gone on a few dates but never really found his soul mate.

Desmond turned to the world of online dating.

Knowing this might be his last chance at true love. Swiping through the profiles on, nothing had really inspired him. There were some pretty birds, canaries, swans, and robins, as well as the odd turkey, but none were right for Desmond.

Suddenly his heart jumped! A profile for Delia; a dodo from Mauritius. Desmond was love struck. For years he thought he was all alone and now he’s found Delia dodo – maybe this could be true love after all!

Desmond made contact with Delia and they hit it off immediately. They had a similar sense of humour, liked the same foods, and reminisced about the good old days.

Desmond said he would visit Delia in Mauritius.

Now we all know travel writers don’t make much money these days so Desmond raided his piggy bank and had to use all his savings to buy a plane ticket to Mauritius to meet up with Delia.

Once at the airport his flight was delayed.

No-one from the airline would give him a straight answer on what the problem was or how long the delay would be. He had no way to contact Delia who was waiting for him in Mauritius and was panicking that he would miss his chance of true love.

The flight was eventually delayed for 24 hours and Desmond was desperate – how would he make it up to Delia (if she was even still at the airport waiting). Then he saw an advert for – he was entitled to €600 for his flight delay as part of European law.

He quickly submitted his flight number and date and secured his compensation from the airline in record time.

He used the money to buy a ring for Delia from the airport’s duty-free jewellery store the next day and finally, after 24 gruelling hours, he got on a flight to Mauritius with his feathers crossed that Delia would still be there waiting for him.

Arriving at the airport he rushed out to find Delia, who was equally worried that maybe Desmond had decided not to visit.

Desmond gave Delia the ring and told her he loved her and they lived happily ever after. Or did they…?

Yes, they did actually.

Desmond vowed from this moment on to tell everyone about and make sure air passengers knew their travel rights.

He wants the whole world to know that any passenger departing from the EU, or arriving in the EU on a European air carrier, was entitled to up to €600 (£510) if the flight was delayed more than 3 hours.

He knows that the airlines often ignore claims from passengers or come up with an excuse not to pay but the legal team at don’t take any nonsense and issue court proceedings if the airlines don’t pay up.