We’re The Number 1 UK Flight Delay Compensation Service

You can count on us to recover the compensation you're entitled to, even if the airlines have previously refused to pay or ignored you.


We’re an award winning legal team!

We are the simple, stress-free way to make your flight compensation claim. As part of the UK’s leading flight compensation specialists, you can benefit from the strength of our combined skills and experience to recover compensation, even if the airlines have previously refused to pay or ignored you.

We see lots of people who have been told by the airline that they do not have a valid claim when they actually do. Our extensive flight stats database means we can very quickly prove the airline is wrong and turn your claim into a winning one.

Our legal team has successfully recovered compensation for over 158,000 passengers since establishing this area of law in the UK in 2013.

What our clients say

“I cannot identify a single way that Flight Compensation could improve their refund application process. I congratulate them for developing a painless comprehensive refund process for their clients.”


Based on 1228 reviews.


We are proud of our customer service record and our 4.7/5 rating on Feefo and on our facebook page.

We are here to help with whatever you need to know about your flight delay claim and love hearing the success stories from our customers when they receive their money.

Choose FlightCompensation.com

When you use our no-win no-fee flight delay compensation service you are getting the very best in the business on your side.

There is no risk to claiming with us as we cover all upfront costs and in the unlikely event we don’t win your claim, there is nothing at all to pay.

Our friendly team are on hand to answer any questions you have and to guide you through our claims process. It really is a quick and simple way to claim.

Our Brand Ambassador, Desmond

Almost as important as our award-winning legal department is our mascot and brand ambassador Desmond the Dodo

Join Desmond and share his happiness when you claim compensation for your flight, and benefit from a no-win no-fee no-risk guarantee.

Learn more about Desmond’s story

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